Unique lozenges that dissolve to coat
your throat with soothing gel protection,
to help you Keep in Good Voice.

Your voice and throat can be delicate – especially if you use them a lot, as performers and speakers do.

GeloRevoice® Throat Lozenges are uniquely formulated to help prevent and relieve many kinds of throat and voice conditions including hoarseness and dry mouth and throat.  Singers and speakers accross Europe trust GeloRevoice® to help them use their voice clearly and comfortably. You can too.

How GeloRevoice® works

The lozenges dissolve to coat the sensitive mouth and throat lining (mucus membrane) in a moisturising gel film that both soothes and protects.

  1. As the lozenge dissolves, gel forming agents (xanthan gum, carbomer and hyaluronic acid) combine saliva to form unique Hydrogel Complex.
  2. Creates a moisturising layer over the dry mouth and throat linings.
  3. Provides effective and long-lasting protection for the voice and throat.

Thousands of people could benefit from GeloRevoice®


Keep in Good Voice

Rapidly noticeable and long-lasting relief from:
  • Hoarseness and tickly throat
  • Scratchy voice
  • Dry irritated mouth and throat
  • Dry and uncomfortable cough
The answer to voice and throat problmes caused by:
  • Long periods of voice use or voice stress such as talking, singing or shoting
  • Restricted nasal breathing (for example due to a cold)
  • Dry room air such as offices and hot or air-conditioned spaces
  • Irritation from cigarette smoke

How to use GeloRevoice®

Can be used as needed, for example every 2-3 hours. No more than 6
lozenges to be taken in 24 hours. Suitable for children 6 years and over.

Blackcurrant and Cherry Flavours

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